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  • Goodbye RICE, Hello PEACE & LOVE: Understanding the Better Approach to Soft Tissue Injuries

    Wave Goodbye to RICE and embrace PEACE & LOVE! When it comes to soft tissue injuries, we've moved on from the outdated 'R.I.C.E' approach to use P.E.A.C.E & L.O.V.E to revolutionise injury recovery and to redefine injury treatment. It's time for a new era of healing!

  • chronic pain

    Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Chronic Pain Strategies

    Chronic pain, a relentless, often misunderstood and always unwelcome companion for millions of individuals worldwide. Whether you have it or know someone who does, you will already understand that it's a complex puzzle, and the answer to whether it resides in our mind or body isn't straightforward. The fact is, more often than not - it's both.

  • Embracing Your Reflection: Moving Towards Self Acceptance & Body Positivity

    Can you relate to battling with body acceptance and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? With this in mind you may find some of the following as useful as I have…

  • Shoulder injury

    Choosing the Right Physical Therapy for You

    A Comparison of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Sports Massage Therapists

  • Flexibility in a Flash!

    Improving flexibility and mobility is essential for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. An article of useful tips to help you improve your flexibility and mobility.

  • A woman doing weighted excercises

    Care More for Your Pelvic Floor & Core

    It's not all abs and 6 packs - in fact, it rarely is! Core strengthening is an important part of your overall fitness.

  • A man doing a stretching exercise on a foam roller

    Does foam rolling work?

    Everything you need to know about foam rolling - what its good for, and when to use foam rolling for maximum benefits.

  • A woman on a platform outside near the mountains with her arms raised

    Empowering Yourself: The Power of Self-Affirmation

    Self belief and a positive mindset can create more happiness and contentment than not having it.

  • Women working out

    Sets and Reps – How Many, When and Does it Matter for Rehab?

    What are 'sets' and 'reps', and how a physiotherapist can help you use strength training for injury rehabilitation.

  • A doctor or nurse on an iPad

    NHS Under Pressure

    The NHS is under pressure - here's how we can all help to lighten the load.

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