Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Wellness for Lincoln and Surrounding Areas

InLine Therapies places you at the centre of your treatment.

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Wellness for the Lincoln Area.

InLine Therapies places you at the centre of your treatment

Our Private Physiotherapy Clinic

We care about your wellbeing, recovery and the goals you want to achieve

We firmly believe that physiotherapy should be person centred and want to give you the best available service as quickly as possible.

After a complete assessment to help to find the reasons for your symptoms, we will concentrate on treatments on both the symptoms and the causes. This will help you to make swift improvements that last.

Our Therapy Services

To help you to feel empowered to achieve improved physical health and wellbeing, so you can reach your goals

Back massage at the Inline Therapies physiotherapy clinic


Expert care and customised treatment plans to help improve, manage and heal physical pain, strength and mobility, and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Indian Head Massage

Relieve stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulders, with Ayurvedic massage to promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.


A deeply relaxing foot and ankle massage using acupressure techniques known to promote feelings of calm for your mind and body.

Client Benefits

  • For all clients: We appreciate your recommendations so as a token or thanks when you recommend family or friends to us, you will receive £5 to your Inline Therapies account to be used towards a treatment at in Nettleham and they will receive £5 off their first treatment too!
  • A you a Blankney Golf Club member? Access physiotherapy at the Club on Wednesdays for your convenience.
  • Blankney members will also receive 5% discount off physiotherapy initial assessments and holistic treatments at InLine Therapies in Nettleham.

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Free insights, practical tips & wellness advice

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    Wave Goodbye to RICE and embrace PEACE & LOVE! When it comes to soft tissue injuries, we've moved on from the outdated 'R.I.C.E' approach to use P.E.A.C.E & L.O.V.E to revolutionise injury recovery and to redefine injury treatment. It's time for a new era of healing!

  • chronic pain

    Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Chronic Pain Strategies

    Chronic pain, a relentless, often misunderstood and always unwelcome companion for millions of individuals worldwide. Whether you have it or know someone who does, you will already understand that it's a complex puzzle, and the answer to whether it resides in our mind or body isn't straightforward. The fact is, more often than not - it's both.

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“Lisa is amazing at what she does. I was suffering with injuries from a motorcycle accident, I had multiple broken ribs, clasped lung, fractured spine and shoulder blade plus loads of nerve and tissue damage. I had started to lose movement in my neck and back and after a day’s work I could barely move. This was after a all clear from doctors saying everything was ok. Lisa went through loads of movement checks and set to work. Now 6 treatments in, I feel refreshed and have gained energy back that I had lost. can’t thank Lisa at InLine therapies enough and highly recommend her. Thank You for your help.

K Clinkscales, Lincoln