Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Wellness for Lincoln and its Surrounding Areas

InLine Therapies places you at the centre of your treatment.

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Wellness for the Lincoln Area.

InLine Therapies places you at the centre of your treatment

About Our Physiotherapy Practice

We care about wellbeing and swift recoveries

Our highly trained team of therapists offer personalised care, combining evidence-based techniques with a holistic approach. We prioritise building real relationships, taking the time to listen and develop comprehensive treatment plans.

Our Therapeutic Services

Feel empowered to attain improved physical wellbeing, enabling you to lead the rich and fulfilling life you deserve


Expert care and customised treatment plans to help improve, manage and heal physical pain, strength and mobility.

Indian Head Massage

Using authentic massage techniques to achieve blissful relief of stress and tension held in the head, neck and shoulders.


A specialist foot and ankle massage to help rebalance the body and mind, with deep feelings of calm and relaxation.

Give your body the caring treatment it deserves

Experience personalised care and specialised treatments with InLine Therapies. Our focus lies in assisting people who have specific physical goals they wish to achieve. From improving flexibility, strength and pain to helping you feel yourself again – we’re here to help.

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“Lisa is amazing at what she does. I was suffering with injuries from a motorcycle accident, I had multiple broken ribs, clasped lung, fractured spine and shoulder blade plus loads of nerve and tissue damage. I had started to lose movement in my neck and back and after a day’s work I could barely move. This was after a all clear from doctors saying everything was ok. Lisa went through loads of movement checks and set to work. Now 6 treatments in, I feel refreshed and have gained energy back that I had lost. can’t thank Lisa at InLine therapies enough and highly recommend her. Thank You for your help.

Kevin Clinkscales, Lincoln